Runtime: 2 minutes

Produced by Saatchi and Saatchi, perhaps the world's best-known advertising agency, this moving 2-minute video features truly beautiful footage of Geese in flight, and overlays that with beautifully animated graphics, to teach the well known "Lessons from Geese.”

Use this video as an inspirational session starter or comprehensive training session for teams working together toward a common goal.

The learning points emphasize how to:
  • Build a sense of community and trust
  • Work with others to align objectives
  • Share the hard work for best results
  • Encourage the team
  • Stand by the team in difficult times

The program can also be used as a lead-in to a wider discussion of how teams work using the optional, "The Geese Experience.”

The dramatic footage is set to the musical background of “Groovin’ with Mr Bloe” an inspirational soundtrack that will help wrap your viewers into the messages of the film. You can use this video repeatedly with every group in your organization. It will lift the mood and help you develop commitment to peak performance, both within individuals and within teams.

Lessons From Geese Video
Purchase Program:      $475.00
5-Day Rental:               $225.00
Preview Version:              FREE!

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